Saturday, January 7, 2017

Singapore escapade with my family. It was my first time going outside of the Philippines. We stayed in here for three days. Thanks to my mom’s friend who helped us to look for a nice place where we can stay and sleep. It took 3 hours trip from Philippines to Singapore. We are all excited to head in Changi Airport. Singapore was absolutely clean. Train is their main transportation. Even the train has a free wifi. (Wow!) We stayed in Kallang street. The foods are delicious but not all, or maybe I just don’t feel the taste of some foreign foods. We went to the Lucky Star Plaza were many Filipinos have their own business there. They also have a Filipino Restaurant there and you’ll see lots of pinoy/pinay working, walking, talking, eating and even playing around the plaza. (Parang nasa pinas lang ako). Chocolates are damn cheap! (As in bes, ang mura nila.) Gadgets are everywhere, some are cheap and some are expensive but if you will compare it to PH. Gadgets in PH are more expensive than SG’s. People aroud me used their gadgets in public places with no worries. Even in train, almost all of the passengers used their gadgets even laptops and still they do feel at ease. How I wish that all of us “Pinoys” can do this also in our country. But if you do this even in Baclaran, gosh kahit maglakad ka lang madudukutan ka. We even went to Sentosa area. Resort’s world is beautiful. Universal Studio place was really fantastic.
They have many tall buildings and billboards. I’m a nature kid and I was wondering why they have very few trees, plants, grass, and animals (like cow, goat, on the field) in SG. I felt really sad and weird or maybe I just don’t see it because most of these natures are located somewhere? I don’t know. SG’s oxygen that I inhaled is different from PH. Maybe, because of the foreign people I encountered or bump into. Anyway, I really enjoyed my stay here in SG. I love their malls, some restaurants and like I said, their cleanliness.

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