Asin Mini Concert

Saturday, February 25, 2017

I’m a music lover and I listened to some old songs like Westlife, Backsreet Boys, Carpenters, and more. But what I didn’t know are the hit songs that are super popular in my mother’s time. So she asked me to come with them (with our family) last night to watch the “Asin” mini concert featuring the vocalist Lolita Carbon live in Jedini Resto-Bar near us. Asin is a Pinoy folk rock band from the Philippines. They started as a trio in the late 1970’s, and was originally known as the Salt of the Earth. “Asin” in Filipino language.
So, it was my first time going in this Resto-bar. The place was a bit small but it’s tolerable. The foods are kinda overpriced. I don’t like their nachos. It has an after taste and it taste differently. Tapsilog were good but not the ketchup. It will be more pleasing if they also offer some vinegar. They served cola in can, Mango shake was not available. Sadly, I’ve been craving for mango shake that time. Waiters/waitress are few that’s why they can’t accommodate all the customers. But overall, it was a good place to start with.
ASIN, finally came. At first, I felt bored and sleepy but when they sang their hit songs. OHHHHH MYYY, they are monsters!! Lolita Carbon voice was amazing! People around us still know their songs and they keep on singing it. Wow! They are fantastic. My parents was so happy enjoying the night. Thank you, ASIN for bringing so much fulfillment of happiness to my parents and to your fans. Your songs are part of their lives forever. You guys are legend! 

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