Tanza Food Trip: B.A.G.A. Manila

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Last night at Tanza Food Trip. 
B.A.G.A stands for Barbecuers, and Grillers Association and they serves barbecues, different grilled foods, fruit shakes, burgers, fries and other quality foods. They are located in Tanza Food Trip until February 28, 2017 (Tanza Day). They are well known for their cleanliness in cooking, making, and serving their foods. I like their barbecue. Best barbecue I every tasted. Fries are quite expensive and the taste didn’t convinced me at all. The taste is too plain for me or (walang lasa). I like their fresh fried potatoes. I forgot the real name of the food but it’s like they used real potatoes then they shaped it in spiraled (I bet they used something to shaped it) and fried then cheese and sauce were added. Yes it tastes good and it cost P150 (sulit sa food-trippers, mahal sa nagtitipid). Overall, really enjoyed their foods. Shawarma is a must! hahaha I love it.

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