50 Facts About Me

Monday, March 27, 2017

  1. I was born and raised in Cavite, Philippines
  2. I’m am a Microbiologist
  3. My mom is my other half.
  4. I’m neither sweet nor clingy to my parents but I really love them.
  5. I love my family.
  6. I am studying Biology major in Microbiology.
  7. I still have my wisdom teeth.
  8. I got braces.
  9. I’m addicted to chocolates.
  10. This is my favorite number.
  11. I have a sharp taste buds.
  12. I’m addicted to coffee
  13. Sometimes, I based by opinion of food by smell.
  14. I can drink 3 liters of water a day or sometimes even more.
  15. I love to apply baby oil on my feet every night.
  16. The sports I do is Track and Field (Running and Shot put, javelin, and discus throw).
  17. I got my first iphone 5s when I was in third year college.
  18. I’m interested in things like computer, books, blogs, vlogs, microbiology, photography and arts.
  19. I love taking photos.
  20. I’m a very peaky reader.
  21. I love pastel colors, burnt orange, maroon, and teal
  22. I’m a dog lover. (I have 5 dogs)
  23. I have no boyfriend since birth.
  24. If I act genuinely silly around you, I consider you a true friend.
  25. I love watching Korean drama
  26. I transferred schools thrice.
  27. I don’t like going to beach, I prefer swimming pools.
  28. I’m addicted to Ding Dong mixed nuts.
  29. Sarsi is my favorite softdrink.
  30. I talk too myself a lot.
  31. I have 99.99% stalking skills.
  32. I express myself best through writing.
  33. Choco Java Chip is my favorite frappe in SB.
  34. I love garlic bread of French baker.
  35. McDonald’s fries, ice cream, and Jollibee’s burger are my favorite meal.
  36. I’m simple and I don’t dress for people.
  37. I was never good at Math.
  38. I laugh so damn hard with my friends.
  39. I have my very own version of mood swings.
  40. I use one shoes for 3 to 4 months.
  41. I love reading jokes, quotes, and confessions on social media.
  42. I do give love, friendship, and family advises.
  43. I have few friends.
  44. I don’t eat spaghetti and bacon.
  45. ColourPop was the first liquid lipstick brand I had.
  46. I can go anywhere with my lip and cheek stain and a baby powder.
  47. I am a certified user of Victoria’s Secret Body Mist in Pure Seduction
  48. I don’t trust easily.
  49. One of my dreams is to study in Harvard University.
  50. I love doing laboratory works.

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