Preparation for Thesis Defense

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

They say that thesis defense supposed to be a happy occasion and not for fear, nervous or any negative vibes. I don’t know but I feel so scared whenever I hear “THESIS DEFENSE”. Looks weird but I really have a low self confidence. That’s the reason why I’m so scared whenever I need to do some oral reports in front of the class. I’m afraid to feel discomfort. Anyway, thesis defense means that you’re one step away to the success of your study. You just need to defend everything on how did you start and finish doing your study step-by-step and wait for your panelist decision. (THIS IS IT!!)

I bought few things that I’ll be needing for my thesis defense preparation.

Bond papers, sliding folder, record book, envelope,and a pen

Bond papers – for your thesis hard copy (It depends if you’ll print on your own or you’ll just go to computer shop or any printing stores to print out your paper).
Sliding folders – it is where you’re going to attached your paper.
Record book – it is optional. I bought it to rewrite my old record notebook. Some used it for writing down comments, suggestions, and recommendations of their panels.
Envelope – If you have form or slip that is needed for thesis defense.
Pen – used for writing what panels says to improve your paper.
Laptop – for presenting your work/thesis using PowerPoint
Corporate attire – yes, you must wear corporate attire ’cause thesis defense is a formal way to present your work.

My defense is scheduled on April 11, 2017 (Tuesday). Wish me me luck. I hope this is the final round of my college life. I’ll do my very best to defend my experiment. This is not just for me, but for my whole family. I really need to finish everything and to graduate.

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