Graduation 2017

Friday, May 26, 2017

Finally, I graduated last May 26, 2017! After so many tears, pain, wounds, discrimination and criticism, I survived. Thank you Lord for making me strong to finish what I have started. Thank you for all the people who helped me to finish my thesis. Thank you for my family for motivating and inspiring me everyday. Thank you Cavite State University for making me a well-grown and educated woman. I have so many plans in my life right now. Still, undecided on what step should I take Medical School or Graduate School? or work na? WAAA. #TeamBahay muna ako. Unemployed and enjoying the vacation.

For every students who felt worthless, tired and weak. Just rest but don't stop. Think why you choose that path and how you started. Remember, that your success relies in your hands.

Give your best in every second of your life. Be humble and admit that you are not perfect. Study more and talk less. And one thing that you must do everyday before and after you sleep is PRAY. :)

Kimberly L. Rodriguez
Bachelor of Science in Biology major in Microbiology

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