How to pass on Undergraduate Thesis Defense?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hello to my dear blog. Sorry for not being active these past few weeks. I became busy because of my school works and requirements. Anyway, I survived. I am finally a degree holder. Thank you Lord for not giving up on me.

I wasn't able to make a post about "How to pass on thesis defense". Maybe, I could write it here.

How to pass on undergraduate thesis defense?

First, you need to study your own study/research. You're the author of it so you're the only one who can defend it to the panelist. Make sure that everything you do was noted to your record book/notebook to be able to notice if there's a mistake and fix it right away.

Second, everything that you do to your research must be supported by literature/articles. I mean, everything must be correct. Literature/articles are big help for defending your research.

Third, results must be properly stated and discussed. You may use charts, tables, and columns. Photos must be clear and meaningful. Don't put "things" that you can not explain.

Fourth,  proper sleep before your thesis final defense. To have more energy and to set your mind.

Fifth, take a deep breath and be ready. Power point must be simple and clean yet informative. Don't be too wordy to your presentation. Just explain the point right away.

These are the five tips that I can give to your undergraduate thesis defense. I've used these five and I passed. Knowing and understanding your study is very important. Everything is in your hands, so Good Luck!!

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