Thursday, June 22, 2017

When you're very thirsty and tired because of the hot weather. Thanks, McDonald's for Mcfloat. You saved me!

I went to UPLB to pass my other requirements. I'm still hoping, praying, wishing, and believing that I could really enter graduate school. I really want to pursue my Master's Degree even though there are people who keep pulling me down just because they don't believe me that I can do better. Well, life is life. There's always ups and downs. You can't achieve everything and you can't be successful without failures, discrimination, and criticism. That's why I'm using their negative thoughts, discrimination, and criticism to do better and be successful. I'm so tired of crying and I want to change myself and my point of view in life. That, when your mind and heart is really set to do what you really want to achieve, you will and you can even though there are people who will pull you down. It's ok even though they don't believe in me. Pasok-labas na lang sa tenga. But, I'll promise that I will be a successful woman someday. Not by being smart, not by being badass but by hard-work, perseverance, and faith in God. I will do it because I can. I will do it because I believe in myself. I will do it because God is with me.


  1. Keep this in mind: Don't ever let other people bring you down. Listen to all the criticism. Use it so you grow as a better person. The person you want to be. :)

    1. Hello, Elaine. Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it. I will continue my journey and make other people's criticism a motivation. Thank you again for dropping by. :)



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