The Meeting Plate

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's day celebration at The Meeting Plate, Imus, Cavite. We are supposed to eat at Kanin Club, Alabang but due to the heavy traffic in General Trias to Imus, we decided to eat somewhere in Imus since it was already 12 noon. The place was simple, nothing special. Actually, you can't notice that there's a restaurant inside because of their "mini-boutique" yeah, there's a boutique inside with clothes, make-up, make-up tools, shoes, soaps and more. I actually like their "mini-boutique" 'cause I had time to look around while waiting for our orders.

The foods were delicious. I really love their spicy nachos, chicken wings and fried chicken. Ribs are okay. (I'm not into ribs anyway). Overall food rate was 4/5. 

I'll be recommending this restaurant to my friends and to everyone. I'm planning to go back again to try their burgers and fries. I guess those are their specialties. :)

This is their mini-boutique looks like.

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  1. The place looks very Instagram-friendly. :) Btw, I added you on my blogroll and followed you on Instagram :)



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