Asian Congress on Biotechnology 2017 (ACB 2017)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hello, blog! Sorry, I wasn't able to post these past few days. I became really busy with my research presentation and passing my requirements for graduate school. Anyway, Hello to the month of August! I am planning to post more for this month. I hope I will.

Last July 23 - 26 I participated in The 13th Asian Congress on Biotechnology in Khon Kaen, Thailand.  I presented my undergraduate thesis and to be honest, it was my first time to present my research in international congress. The last time I presented my research was when I only had my thesis final defense with my professors as panelists in my school.

My thesis adviser (Dr. Hosea dL. Matel) insisted me to present my research on the said congress. I was so scared and I really can't decide right away if I will push through to the presentation because of my two valid reasons: first, I have no idea about the international congress thing and second, the registration, flight and hotel accommodation was too costly. I am so down that time even my family. Actually, we really don't have a budget for it. As time passed by until we reached the last day of registration (July 10, 2017) my mom decided to push this Congress because for her, this is a big opportunity for my career and for my future.

We booked at Thai-Airways for our flight to Bangkok and to Khon Kaen. Wow, I really love their services, foods, cabin crews and the facilities itself. I am so happy and really amazed and contented because it is worth the hype. 

We arrived in Bangkok and waited for 8 hours until our next flight to Khon Kaen. (Grabe ang baho ko na non!) I and my mom just bought a bread and water in the Suvarnabhumi Airport while waiting for our next flight. The airport was really huge and beautiful. I can say that Thailand is a good and well-managed country. The facilities are big and long! Yes, they are very long, so you'll be tired if you get lost because of a very long walk from one place to another.

Finally, we arrived at Kohn Kaen. Khon Kaen is one of the provinces of Thailand. The program happened in Pullman Raja Orchid Hotel. It is the best and a 5-star hotel in Kohn Kaen, Thailand.

This is it, I presented my research entitled "Screening and Characterization of High Ethanol-Producing Yeast from Selected Naturally Fermenting Fruits". I am so scared and nervous because all of them are professionals and I am just a newly-graduate college student. They were all staring at me while I am presenting. (Shit sobrang kabado ko talaga, sana di ako mag kalat dito hahaha). Finally, I made it. They were all smiling and they even asked me questions for clarification and done. (Grabe, utal ang lola nyo hahaha) I am so happy and proud after my presentation. (So far, hindi ko naman napahiya ang dugong pinoy at ang alma mater ko). I also met the two pinoys who became part of the congress as well. Dr. Joseph Aureenian chairman in Department of Chemical Engineering in De La Salle University Manila and Sir Francis Dave Siacor an MS student in the University of San Carlos. They even wanted me to collaborate with them and I am so shocked and happy. (Feeling in-demand ako haha) I've met new foreign friends too. A Thai-lady who is a Ph.D. and an Australian who is a graduating MS student. I am so thankful to our God almighty for guiding me all through my trip and presentation in Thailand and last but not the least, my very grateful, understanding, lovable, kind, and very supportive mother. Mommy, thank you so pag sama mo sakin sa Thailand kahit sobrang nahirapan tayo kasi hindi sila nakakaintindi ng English (Some especially in Airports, stores, and taxi). At hindi ko ma aachived ito kung hindi dahil sa inyo ni Daddu. I love you both! Thank you for supporting me and my inarte in life hahaha.  (as if namang mababasa nila to

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