Thursday, September 14, 2017

Friends can be found everywhere but true and good friends are rare and it takes time.

I just met a new friend of mine on Instagram. She's Kath, we just followed each other on Instagram randomly and I noticed we both love Oppas of BTS and EXO. I didn't expect that we will become close friends because we just do chat and comment on social media and that's it.

We watched a movie (Kita, Kita). We do chit-chatting  while eating our burgers and fries that night. Honestly, I feel comfortable sharing my random thoughts and arte in life to her. Sounds weird but yea. We even set another gala (friendly-date) just to talk about our lives and our oppas. Luckily, until now we still have this super strong communication.

We have so many similarities and few differences. She is also my cousin's high school classmate. We even live in the same town. O.O Small world right?

We shared and exchanged stories of our academic, life experiences, and problems that we encountered. Plus, she is so generous! Don't spoil me please, anyway thank you for giving me so much to remember about you. Like, makeup brushes, lipstick, pen, pouch, necklace, and concealer. (Nahiya tuloy ako, bawi ako sayo ng Buko Pie haha) She experienced many things in life that made her a better version of herself.

All I can say is that she was properly raised by her parents for having such a good heart. She is also gorgeous. You're so blessed! đź’•

Shoutout to my "dongsaeng" Kath.

Thank you for entering my life. Let's make more memories to cherish.  :)

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