Hello, Second Semester

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A new chapter begins. This is a new start of my journey or perhaps a continuation of my life. Many things happened and changed my life including my religious views (but I didn't change my religion). Today is the start of my second semester as a graduate student. I really had a hard time during the first semester yet I learned a lot not only in studies but in the reality of our lives and even my religious views.

I enrolled three subjects for this semester. MCB101 (again), MCB120 and BIO101. Why I enrolled the MCB101 again? Well, because I failed that subject. Yes, I am so stupid isn't?  However, I didn't look on its negative side but what God wants me to understand. What God wants me to witness. But, it doesn't mean that I am okay with that. I will still give my very best for this second round. Not everyone succeeds without failures. I know that this is just a start of my journey. That God wants me to be prepared for his plans for me, and for my life. I am so thankful to my adviser who cheered me up and supported me. I know she was kinda disappointed yet she still believes that I can, she believes in me. Also, to my family who still supported me despite my failing grades lol. Thank you, mom and dad, for making me happy and you guys still believing in me. To my elder sister and younger brother, thank you for your comfort. I love you guys. Including my friends, name yourselves. Thanks!!

Thank you, Lord, for being with me and staying with me.

I will make this second semester a good and a brilliant one. UNO!!! PADAYON!!!

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