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5 New Habits To Improve your Lifestyle

For the past years, I have never felt like being so productive in a day. I accomplished things that I need to, but I wasn’t that organize to manage everything.

I remember I love buying planners and colorful checklists, but I never used them correctly. I am fond of collecting cute stuff such as sticky notes, washi tapes, colorful pens, dotted notebooks, and a lot more, but I didn’t use them correctly because I tend to keep them in a box with their respective packaging.

But now I realized that why I am not using these stuffs on a day-to-day basis? (Sayang naman sisszt)

Since I love watching about personal growth, lifestyle, productivity, successful tips, mental health, and career path on YouTube, I learned that being well-organized on your everyday schedule is essential. It helps you in so many ways, not just by accomplishing your tasks but also to help you grow and be motivated.

I will share with you the five new habits that are slowly helping me improve my lifestyle and mindset.

Wake Up at 4 A.M.

Hello, sleepy heads! I know this is not so ideal for you, but you may or may not try. It depends on you and how you manage your time.

I am doing my best to be consistent because waking up at this hour is so challenging! However, it helps me to control my day. Waking up early this morning helps me organize my goals for the day, prepare me to make a list, exercise for an hour (hehe), and do stuff I need to do without worrying (oh, it’s 8 A.M, I’m late!)


Every year, my new year resolution is to become sexy, but I love to eat, and I hate exercising, so how will I achieve the body goal I want?

As time passes by, I changed my views on exercise. I want to do exercise because I want to be healthy. Not only physically but also mentally. With the proper amount of activity, it helps me to have a clearer mind, avoid anxiety, attracts positivity, and stay calm. I consider this an excellent everyday habit because it has a significant impact.

Set Your Goal

This new habit is another life-changing. For the past years, I just spent a day without plans on what, where, and how. I do what I think is needed and essential, but I never listed it down.

But now, I finally see the importance of setting a goal(s) on a particular day because I can control my life here. I can also detect my progress if I am productive or not. If I am accomplishing everything or not. If I am close to achieving the goal or not.

With goals set, you know where to land and what road to take.

Prepare Your “To Do List”

The goal is like the target, and your To-Do List is the way to hit the target.

A To-do list helps me track my progress. It is like a guide that helps on what to do on a particular day and a reminder of the unfinished tasks I have to work on. I am using my sticky notes on this, but I’m also using a mobile app list.

It is a good habit that will teach you to become well-organized, manage time, and be productive.


Journaling is like my outlet of unsaid thoughts and ideas. It is where I write everything that I want to do and accomplish. It helps me to feel at ease and somehow confident.

If I am having a rough day, I write everything to feel calm and free from stress. Journaling enhances my creativity and improves my writing skills. I know day by day that I am slowly improving on writing.

These are my five habits to improve lifestyle. I am not professional about this field, but I shared the new habits that I am currently doing and seeing progress.

It’s not too late t try new things out, especially when you feel lost like me. There’s no right or wrong timeline. What matters is you’re doing your best to improve yourself.


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