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5 Signs that You’re Not Okay

Depression and anxiety are ubiquitous nowadays due to lack of self-exposure, lack of people you can talk to, lack of new places and things you can see or go, lack of knowledge and experiences, lack of contentment, and self-control.

And because of that, sometimes we’re experiencing like we don’t know the right or wrong for us. We always start new opportunities but ended on giving up. We don’t strive enough because we wanted a good result right away, and that’s wrong. It would help if you had effort and hard work in this. Life isn’t easy, no job is easy, and that’s the reality of living.

So, I will be sharing the five signs that you’re feeling lost because I experience these things until now. I’m still figuring out myself and what career that I would want to pursue.

  1. Confused
  2. Can’t and focus and decide
  3. Afraid/Scared
  4. Lonely
  5. Society


So many things are happening in our lives now, and we have a hard time grasping everything. Confused is unable to think clearly, and currently, I’m experiencing it every day. My mind is always in the chaos that I don’t know which is which. I have so many thoughts in my head that I don’t know what or where shall I use them. They are all in there, building scenarios and imaginations in my mind and making me mentally tired. It usually happens because I’m feeling lost with everything.

Can’t focus and decide

One of the effects of confusion is that you can’t correctly decide on your own. You don’t trust yourself that much to make the right decision because you’re aware that you’re confused. Your decision might affect the result of a particular situation you’re dealing with because your focus is out of control. You can’t focus if your mind isn’t clear. You can’t concentrate if you don’t know the right or wrong decision to make. This sign or characteristic is usually one of the reasons why you might feel lost or mentally tired.


Being scared to try new things might affect the whole system of your life. How can you grow and improve yourself if you’re afraid or scared to face the reality of life? Most of us are not risk-takers because of the fear of failure. But recently, through reading and listening to other people’s advice who experience so many obstacles and struggles in life. Failure is the key to success because you will learn a lot of things once you failed. You will be more inspired and dedicated to do more and improve more. And usually, in failure, you will see the bright future ahead of you. So as much as possible, let’s avoid being scared or afraid to try new things out. Don’t mind what their people might tell you, focus on your road and destination to success.


Being lonely doesn’t mean that you’re just alone with nobody to talk to but rather, being lonely is somewhat even you have a company of family and friends, you still don’t feel their presence and comfort. These we’re all my personal experience, and yes, I am lonely for not sharing to anyone what I truly feel because they might judge me or insult me. Usually, I don’t let other people see the sadness within me. I covered it up with jokes and laughter now and then.


Society usually has a significant effect on our lives. We tend to compare our life status to others, especially on social media. The energy that we desired and wanted to have was living by our friends or someone we set as our role models. Society is one of the reasons why other people have anxiety or depression. Because of the sudden urge that we want to have, but unfortunately, we can’t. We get jealous or envy the things that other people achieved and have. We set them as our standard of life even though we are all different in the first place and have different chapters in life.

These are the reason why I don’t usually spend my time on other social media platforms. It’s okay to admire them and follow their footsteps but don’t forget that we’re all unique, and we have our own capabilities and talent that will help us build a better future.

So these are my five signs for not being okay. I am currently experiencing these all, and slowly, I am trying to figure out how I can surpass these sufferings. I know that I am the only one who can help myself to do more and grow more. Proper control, discipline, and a good mindset are very much needed in the process of self-improvement.

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