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About Kima

I’m Kima, a twenty-something human from the Philippines. I am a shy-type person with a funny and jolly side. I love eating and do creative ideas using my laptop. I do also love playing mobile games like Mobile Legends. I am an aspiring UX Designer/Researcher. So mostly, my blog post will be all about my lifestyle and my UX Journey.

I started blogging when I was in High School; unfortunately, since it was free hosting from an old platform, I didn’t notice that they could wipe off any account without you knowing. I created multiple blogs from different platforms, and due to my busy schedule and priorities in life, I am not that active in posting every day. KimaRodriguez.COM is my main blog now, and I planned to stick with it.

My Stories

Video Recording 1024 683 Kima

Video Recording

I was a shy type of person and not socially active, especially doing video recordings. That’s why I prefer blogging…

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Google UX Course 1024 1024 Kima

Google UX Course

Google is like my partner in my everyday life because it is my go-to platform for almost everything! With just…

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Temporary Working/Study Table 1024 768 Kima

Temporary Working/Study Table

Working/Study table is essential, especially when you’re working with computers or laptops or taking down notes and sketching. It is…

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How to Build A Better Learning Plan? 1024 684 Kima

How to Build A Better Learning Plan?

Before you start doing what you love or want to pursue, you must focus first to build a better plan.…

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My first WIREFAME!! 1024 683 Kima

My first WIREFAME!!

I have so many ideas in my mind but the only thing that stops me is confidence. Coming from a…

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My UX Design Journey 1024 683 Kima

My UX Design Journey

Hello, bloggy! Sorry for not updating you these past few weeks. I got infected by the coronavirus the past weeks,…

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