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Video Recording

I was a shy type of person and not socially active, especially doing video recordings. That’s why I prefer blogging over vlogging. My first attempt at video recording was when I tried to record my Watsons’ haul hehe, but I didn’t upload it nor keep it at all.

Yesterday, I shoot my first video recording answering three questions given by the company’s HR that I am applying to. Honestly, this is my weakness. Maybe I am not used to it because I only worked before in laboratories which doesn’t require much exposure.

I spent like 3-4 hours of shooting and 15 mins of editing. I am ready that my application might not be processed for the next step of the application.

But, whatever the results might be, I am still grateful and happy because I did it! Like, Everything has their first time, and not everyone is excellent or expert in their first time. I know that I can improve my skills, primarily if I am motivated to do so. I am happy that the company asked me to do it, hehe. Trying is better than not trying at all. ♥️

I have so many retakes hahaha

Like what Bebe Rexha sang in the song Meant to Be:

If it’s meant to be, it’ll be, it’ll be
Baby, just let it be

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Temporary Working/Study Table

Working/Study table is essential, especially when you’re working with computers or laptops or taking down notes and sketching. It is hard to focus when you don’t have the right table to work and become productive.

Recently, I have decided to transition my career to User Experience. I spent most of my time with my laptop because I enrolled in some UX-free courses and started playing around using its tools, such as Figma and Adobe XD. Unfortunately, I don’t have a study/working table to set up my learning productivity system, yet I decided to improvise a table that can be useful to my learning journey.

I used to have a study/working table before, but my sister borrowed it because she is currently working remotely. I don’t have a plan to get it back because her work is more important than mine. Since I am still studying and practicing UX, getting a new working/study table isn’t necessary. Yet, I set that I will be rewarding myself with a new table once I finish the free courses that I am currently taking and when I get a job/internship remotely.

I have a side bed table where I don’t usually use, and I had decided to put a big empty box on it so that when I placed my laptop, the height was still tolerable. I use my bed as my chair at the moment, and everything works fine. Sometimes, I go to the dining area of our house to use the dining table. I am still blessed because I can still work on my progress for career transition.

I browsed my ideal table using the Shopee app because I planned to reward myself with a study/working table after my study phase. I am having a hard time choosing because they are all beautiful and affordable, but there’s this one table that caught my eye.

Home Office Desk Table Computer Desk Furniture (80/100/120cmx60cmx74cm) Solid Wood + Stainless Steel (Click Here)

I like how minimal and affordable the table is. It also has a spacious surface to use and is easy to assemble. However, I haven’t tried ordering tables online before, and I am pretty worried about the missing parts, scratches, or damages of table pieces.

So that’s my ideal table ♥️ but for now, I am using my improvised table. Still functional and helpful for my learning journey. I can move it around and remove the box if I want to. 😂

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How to Build A Better Learning Plan?

Before you start doing what you love or want to pursue, you must focus first to build a better plan. Creating a better strategy/method is one of the most critical factors to succeed. Setting a goal is a good skill because you know what, where, when, and how to start. You have the urge to accomplish and reward yourself after finishing what you’ve created. You are more prepared and motivated because you know which path to take.

Honestly, when I was in college, I was not aware of these things. I’m that person who follows what life can offer. My daily tasks are usually what a day might bring to me. I don’t have plans, to-do lists, schedules, or even an idea of how I will spend a day. Maybe that’s the reason why I barely completed my tasks. I usually forget some essential things to do because I don’t have a plan, and it sucks because I often mislead my priorities in a day, weeks, months, and even years!

As time went by, I started noting my tasks using an application. It helps me to track my productivity and progress in a day, and that new habit continues up to now. I am using Things 3 for my daily tasks and track my progress and check where I stopped and where I should start. I like the logbook feature because I can check my accomplishments and become motivated to finish everything left.

Once you know how your day-to-day schedule works, then you’ll see a routine where you can plot your programs and plans. To start your learning plan, you have to:

1. Identify first your main goal and the reason why you need to accomplish that goal.

2. Have a self-assessment and know your strengths and weaknesses

3. Prioritize the skills that you need to focus on by creating a quadrant

4. Create a learning preference table to group the prioritized skills you want to pursue

Formal Learning – learning with diploma or certification,

Social Learning – learning via observation or watching online tutorials, and

Experiential Learning – learning via hands-on, practical, or by simply doing it

5. Create how you will put your learning plan into action. Do with SMART guide

5. List down your learning resources and support

6. Track your progress and celebrate.

These are some of the most critical planning guides that you must follow when you are just starting. I’m not a professional advising the best plan that suits you, but you may consider these steps and see if it might work for you or not.

I will be providing a sample template on how I planned my Learning Plan for my UX Journey. I will put the link below if it’s already available.

Following different useful planner templates from the internet helps you to become more productive in your daily tasks because your plans are guiding you. But creating your way of planning is much better because you will know what’s suits your schedule and your learning type best.

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Day One of My 14-day Home Quarantine

Who would have thought that I would need to stay for 14 days in my bedroom? It sounds creepy, but yeah, I have no choice. I need to do it for my health and fast recovery. So many people are getting infected and doing the same things, so I guess this is the real new normal now.

I’m not afraid at all, why would I? I believe and trust my immune system that I can surpass all these challenges now. I’m taking these moments on the brighter side of my life. Everything happens for a reason, and all depends on God’s will.

Today is Thursday, and it is my first day of Home-quarantine. I just stayed all day in my bedroom with lots of fruits and medicine. I am planning to do a one-hour workout, but my body won’t cooperate. I felt tired and lazy. It feels like I want to lay down all day and sleep.

I love eating the fruits my mom gave me. I am still lucky to have them with me.

My mom and dad are always there for me through my ups and downs. They care and love me.

My licensed medical doctor sister never stops caring for me and the whole family’s health and supports my parents to daily financial needs. She is also the one who checks on us when we’re sick and feeling weak, and she buys medicine right away just for us to feel better.

My youngest brother is always there for us when we need something or things to get done that he can do by himself to help us. He’s the baby boy in this family.

When I had my dinner, my mom cooked “Sinigang na Hipon,” and sad to say that I couldn’t enjoy my food because of a loss of taste.

I don’t feel like eating right now because I can’t taste anything. Like completely nothing. However, I still have to eat lots of foods and fruits to be strong and healthy. It’s tough for me to see my family, who are so worried about me and my health. I pray that I can recover very soon!

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I am sick

The world is full of unpredictable happenings, plagues, viruses, and a lot more. We can’t tell what will happen next. Our lives are not for us forever. It’s just we’re all living in this painful world.

When we got home from our water station with my father, I felt weak and had no strength. So after drinking hot chocolate, I went upstairs directly to my room to get some clothes, and I took a bath right away. I felt so cold, and my head hurt. So I decided to lay down on my bed and wear socks and thick clothes.

I was half asleep by then when my mom was calling me for dinner. Since I didn’t answer, my mom checked on me and saw that I was sick. She brought fruits, biscuits, and medicine for me to take. My sister, a licensed medical doctor, also checked on me and told me that I needed to do the 14-day quarantine.

I can’t say that this is my first day of quarantine, but I need to rest to regain my strength and improve my immune system.

The three common symptoms that I am experiencing are fever, cough, colds. I hope that I will feel better soon.

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What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in the whole pandemic?

I didn’t expect that a pandemic could change our entire lives in just a blink of an eye. No one does.
Many things have changed, from a normal to a mask-everyday lifestyle. We can’t even go out and travel like we used to because our naked eyes can’t see our opponent, which is the Coronavirus.

In this happening in our lives, we encountered different life challenges and obstacles that left us new lessons in life.
I have learned that we don’t own our lives. If it’s our time, we can’t do anything about it.

The most important thing now is to continue living no matter what happens. Some people are experiencing depression and anxiety but then losing hope can tear you down quickly. We have to adapt to this setting to survive and to continue living. Changing our lifestyle is a real challenge, but it will help us grow and prepare for our future endeavors.

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5 New Habits To Improve your Lifestyle

For the past years, I have never felt like being so productive in a day. I accomplished things that I need to, but I wasn’t that organize to manage everything.

I remember I love buying planners and colorful checklists, but I never used them correctly. I am fond of collecting cute stuff such as sticky notes, washi tapes, colorful pens, dotted notebooks, and a lot more, but I didn’t use them correctly because I tend to keep them in a box with their respective packaging.

But now I realized that why I am not using these stuffs on a day-to-day basis? (Sayang naman sisszt)

Since I love watching about personal growth, lifestyle, productivity, successful tips, mental health, and career path on YouTube, I learned that being well-organized on your everyday schedule is essential. It helps you in so many ways, not just by accomplishing your tasks but also to help you grow and be motivated.

I will share with you the five new habits that are slowly helping me improve my lifestyle and mindset.

Wake Up at 4 A.M.

Hello, sleepy heads! I know this is not so ideal for you, but you may or may not try. It depends on you and how you manage your time.

I am doing my best to be consistent because waking up at this hour is so challenging! However, it helps me to control my day. Waking up early this morning helps me organize my goals for the day, prepare me to make a list, exercise for an hour (hehe), and do stuff I need to do without worrying (oh, it’s 8 A.M, I’m late!)


Every year, my new year resolution is to become sexy, but I love to eat, and I hate exercising, so how will I achieve the body goal I want?

As time passes by, I changed my views on exercise. I want to do exercise because I want to be healthy. Not only physically but also mentally. With the proper amount of activity, it helps me to have a clearer mind, avoid anxiety, attracts positivity, and stay calm. I consider this an excellent everyday habit because it has a significant impact.

Set Your Goal

This new habit is another life-changing. For the past years, I just spent a day without plans on what, where, and how. I do what I think is needed and essential, but I never listed it down.

But now, I finally see the importance of setting a goal(s) on a particular day because I can control my life here. I can also detect my progress if I am productive or not. If I am accomplishing everything or not. If I am close to achieving the goal or not.

With goals set, you know where to land and what road to take.

Prepare Your “To Do List”

The goal is like the target, and your To-Do List is the way to hit the target.

A To-do list helps me track my progress. It is like a guide that helps on what to do on a particular day and a reminder of the unfinished tasks I have to work on. I am using my sticky notes on this, but I’m also using a mobile app list.

It is a good habit that will teach you to become well-organized, manage time, and be productive.


Journaling is like my outlet of unsaid thoughts and ideas. It is where I write everything that I want to do and accomplish. It helps me to feel at ease and somehow confident.

If I am having a rough day, I write everything to feel calm and free from stress. Journaling enhances my creativity and improves my writing skills. I know day by day that I am slowly improving on writing.

These are my five habits to improve lifestyle. I am not professional about this field, but I shared the new habits that I am currently doing and seeing progress.

It’s not too late t try new things out, especially when you feel lost like me. There’s no right or wrong timeline. What matters is you’re doing your best to improve yourself.


Dear Self, 1024 576 Kima

Dear Self,

After so many years, I couldn’t thank myself for every challenge and struggles I have faced and encountered. For every achievement that I have made; And for every opportunity that I was able to get.

I don’t usually post like this because I am shy and scared of what other people might say but, I should start setting aside other people’s opinions and start doing the things that I am passionate about.

Dear Self, Thank you for reaching this far.

Life is unpredictable, and I want to thank myself for becoming the best version every day. I know life is tough, but I’m still here and doing my best to achieve my dreams in any way I can without giving up.

Deat Self, Every day is A New Hope

I am lost because I don’t know the exact path of my life, but I will not give up quickly because I know that there’s a bright future waiting for me. But patience, hard work, good habits, and a good mindset is a must!

Dear Self, Stay Positive all the Time

Encountering so many problems and challenges in life usually makes me lose control. I overthink a lot, I lose hope, and about to give up.

I am traditionally a paranoid and hostile thinker, and I badly needed to change that mindset because a positive attitude will result in positively

Dear Self, Be patient & Trust the Process

I am in the process of finding my path. I am focusing on my work and other kinds of stuff, but I can’t foresee myself grow on that. I should start seeing what I want and focus on self-growth and self-improvement.

Dear Self, You have A Purpose

I have a purpose. But sometimes, there will always be a time that I am lost and can’t find why I am born in this world.

The purpose is not something we should find or look around but something we must build and grow. At first, I always ask myself, “What’s my purpose in this world?” but then I realized I have to become someone with a purpose—the one who can share skills and talents with other people.

These are my Dear Self, thoughts for the first month of August. I am willing to find the actual path that is right for me in this world. I do believe that I will be able to develop myself more for me to know where am I belong.

New Month, New Beginnings 1024 833 Kima

New Month, New Beginnings

I’ve been watching series of motivational and inspirational videos from successful people on YouTube. Their advice matter to me because I am setting up a new system of myself.

I’m listing everything that I need to do and follow. I am so blessed to have a cousin that I can have a conversation about life, personal growth, career, and becoming successful.

I also decided to convert my thoughts and stories into minimalist art. I’m not that good, but I think I will still develop in the process. Sharing my thoughts is one of my favorite things because I know some people are experiencing failures as well, and I want to share my experiences on how I am facing every challenge in my life.

Recently, I am slowly changing my habits. One of these changes is about waking up at 4 am. I know this is the most challenging for me because I love sleeping, but I believe that I can do it because I want to improve my habits and to be more productive on a day.

I will post my everyday progress. This goal is so exciting because it’s like multitasking. I am improving my habits, changing my body system, doing art, and sharing my thoughts on my blog. I will do everything without affecting my job.

I hope I can stick to this. I will go back every day to this post a that I will be motivated as inspired.

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5 Signs that You’re Not Okay

Depression and anxiety are ubiquitous nowadays due to lack of self-exposure, lack of people you can talk to, lack of new places and things you can see or go, lack of knowledge and experiences, lack of contentment, and self-control.

And because of that, sometimes we’re experiencing like we don’t know the right or wrong for us. We always start new opportunities but ended on giving up. We don’t strive enough because we wanted a good result right away, and that’s wrong. It would help if you had effort and hard work in this. Life isn’t easy, no job is easy, and that’s the reality of living.

So, I will be sharing the five signs that you’re feeling lost because I experience these things until now. I’m still figuring out myself and what career that I would want to pursue.

  1. Confused
  2. Can’t and focus and decide
  3. Afraid/Scared
  4. Lonely
  5. Society


So many things are happening in our lives now, and we have a hard time grasping everything. Confused is unable to think clearly, and currently, I’m experiencing it every day. My mind is always in the chaos that I don’t know which is which. I have so many thoughts in my head that I don’t know what or where shall I use them. They are all in there, building scenarios and imaginations in my mind and making me mentally tired. It usually happens because I’m feeling lost with everything.

Can’t focus and decide

One of the effects of confusion is that you can’t correctly decide on your own. You don’t trust yourself that much to make the right decision because you’re aware that you’re confused. Your decision might affect the result of a particular situation you’re dealing with because your focus is out of control. You can’t focus if your mind isn’t clear. You can’t concentrate if you don’t know the right or wrong decision to make. This sign or characteristic is usually one of the reasons why you might feel lost or mentally tired.


Being scared to try new things might affect the whole system of your life. How can you grow and improve yourself if you’re afraid or scared to face the reality of life? Most of us are not risk-takers because of the fear of failure. But recently, through reading and listening to other people’s advice who experience so many obstacles and struggles in life. Failure is the key to success because you will learn a lot of things once you failed. You will be more inspired and dedicated to do more and improve more. And usually, in failure, you will see the bright future ahead of you. So as much as possible, let’s avoid being scared or afraid to try new things out. Don’t mind what their people might tell you, focus on your road and destination to success.


Being lonely doesn’t mean that you’re just alone with nobody to talk to but rather, being lonely is somewhat even you have a company of family and friends, you still don’t feel their presence and comfort. These we’re all my personal experience, and yes, I am lonely for not sharing to anyone what I truly feel because they might judge me or insult me. Usually, I don’t let other people see the sadness within me. I covered it up with jokes and laughter now and then.


Society usually has a significant effect on our lives. We tend to compare our life status to others, especially on social media. The energy that we desired and wanted to have was living by our friends or someone we set as our role models. Society is one of the reasons why other people have anxiety or depression. Because of the sudden urge that we want to have, but unfortunately, we can’t. We get jealous or envy the things that other people achieved and have. We set them as our standard of life even though we are all different in the first place and have different chapters in life.

These are the reason why I don’t usually spend my time on other social media platforms. It’s okay to admire them and follow their footsteps but don’t forget that we’re all unique, and we have our own capabilities and talent that will help us build a better future.

So these are my five signs for not being okay. I am currently experiencing these all, and slowly, I am trying to figure out how I can surpass these sufferings. I know that I am the only one who can help myself to do more and grow more. Proper control, discipline, and a good mindset are very much needed in the process of self-improvement.