Day One of My 14-day Home Quarantine 1024 684 Kima

Day One of My 14-day Home Quarantine

Who would have thought that I would need to stay for 14 days in my bedroom? It sounds creepy, but yeah, I have no choice. I need to do it for my health and fast recovery. So many people are getting infected and doing the same things, so I guess this is the real new normal now.

I’m not afraid at all, why would I? I believe and trust my immune system that I can surpass all these challenges now. I’m taking these moments on the brighter side of my life. Everything happens for a reason, and all depends on God’s will.

Today is Thursday, and it is my first day of Home-quarantine. I just stayed all day in my bedroom with lots of fruits and medicine. I am planning to do a one-hour workout, but my body won’t cooperate. I felt tired and lazy. It feels like I want to lay down all day and sleep.

I love eating the fruits my mom gave me. I am still lucky to have them with me.

My mom and dad are always there for me through my ups and downs. They care and love me.

My licensed medical doctor sister never stops caring for me and the whole family’s health and supports my parents to daily financial needs. She is also the one who checks on us when we’re sick and feeling weak, and she buys medicine right away just for us to feel better.

My youngest brother is always there for us when we need something or things to get done that he can do by himself to help us. He’s the baby boy in this family.

When I had my dinner, my mom cooked “Sinigang na Hipon,” and sad to say that I couldn’t enjoy my food because of a loss of taste.

I don’t feel like eating right now because I can’t taste anything. Like completely nothing. However, I still have to eat lots of foods and fruits to be strong and healthy. It’s tough for me to see my family, who are so worried about me and my health. I pray that I can recover very soon!

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