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Dear Self,

After so many years, I couldn’t thank myself for every challenge and struggles I have faced and encountered. For every achievement that I have made; And for every opportunity that I was able to get.

I don’t usually post like this because I am shy and scared of what other people might say but, I should start setting aside other people’s opinions and start doing the things that I am passionate about.

Dear Self, Thank you for reaching this far.

Life is unpredictable, and I want to thank myself for becoming the best version every day. I know life is tough, but I’m still here and doing my best to achieve my dreams in any way I can without giving up.

Deat Self, Every day is A New Hope

I am lost because I don’t know the exact path of my life, but I will not give up quickly because I know that there’s a bright future waiting for me. But patience, hard work, good habits, and a good mindset is a must!

Dear Self, Stay Positive all the Time

Encountering so many problems and challenges in life usually makes me lose control. I overthink a lot, I lose hope, and about to give up.

I am traditionally a paranoid and hostile thinker, and I badly needed to change that mindset because a positive attitude will result in positively

Dear Self, Be patient & Trust the Process

I am in the process of finding my path. I am focusing on my work and other kinds of stuff, but I can’t foresee myself grow on that. I should start seeing what I want and focus on self-growth and self-improvement.

Dear Self, You have A Purpose

I have a purpose. But sometimes, there will always be a time that I am lost and can’t find why I am born in this world.

The purpose is not something we should find or look around but something we must build and grow. At first, I always ask myself, “What’s my purpose in this world?” but then I realized I have to become someone with a purpose—the one who can share skills and talents with other people.

These are my Dear Self, thoughts for the first month of August. I am willing to find the actual path that is right for me in this world. I do believe that I will be able to develop myself more for me to know where am I belong.

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