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I am sick

The world is full of unpredictable happenings, plagues, viruses, and a lot more. We can’t tell what will happen next. Our lives are not for us forever. It’s just we’re all living in this painful world.

When we got home from our water station with my father, I felt weak and had no strength. So after drinking hot chocolate, I went upstairs directly to my room to get some clothes, and I took a bath right away. I felt so cold, and my head hurt. So I decided to lay down on my bed and wear socks and thick clothes.

I was half asleep by then when my mom was calling me for dinner. Since I didn’t answer, my mom checked on me and saw that I was sick. She brought fruits, biscuits, and medicine for me to take. My sister, a licensed medical doctor, also checked on me and told me that I needed to do the 14-day quarantine.

I can’t say that this is my first day of quarantine, but I need to rest to regain my strength and improve my immune system.

The three common symptoms that I am experiencing are fever, cough, colds. I hope that I will feel better soon.

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