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My UX Design Journey

Hello, bloggy! Sorry for not updating you these past few weeks. I got infected by the coronavirus the past weeks, and too much rest is needed for me to recover.
14-day quarantine is draining, but thanks God, I am finally recovered! However, I am still taking my medicines to feel better and flu-free.

Since I am still staying at home recovering from my cough because I am not yet allowed to go out, I research different techy-skills that I want to learn and focus on.

I came across UX Design. So what is UX design? UX Design is creating a product that provides a meaningful, helpful, and good user experience. This description is the way how I understand it.
I enjoyed reading articles and watching videos about UX design. Since I am changing my career path, I find UX design my long-lost career to grow and develop my skills and character more. This UX journey is the right path because I enjoy every step and process I encounter while studying UX design.

I made a simple workflow on how I will start studying and learning little by little about UX Design. UX design is a broad topic that consists of many different processes, steps, tools, and problems to come up with a result.
It also has four stages of how a UX designer will solve the assigned project, case study, or problems.

Luckily, I am excited about solving such problems. Being a degree holder of Biology course, I am well aware and educated on how a research design flows.
Whenever I think about UX design stages, research design also comes to mind, like making a research project or thesis in my college course.

However, they are different. The process may be a bit similar, but the tools and methods are various, yet it is still a big help because I have a background in research design.
I am looking forward to this journey to have a positive result. ♥️

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