Where shall I go? 1024 684 Kima

Where shall I go?

There’s a job offered to me by one of the famous and top-notch food and beverage companies in the Philippines. My role would be a Quality Assurance Inspector. I’m having a second thought if I would choose this path or stay with my comfort zone (My Family Business).

Honestly, I kept on crying every night because I hate myself for being weak. I don’t know which path shall I take. I don’t know what career shall I pursue because I’m lost in this world.

Whenever I saw some of my colleagues and friends pursuing the career they want, I get jealous because of how lucky are they for knowing the right career for them while I’m still here, on/off to jobs and opportunities. The pressure is terrible, and it affects me mentally.

Am I that brainless to experience all these? I’m slowly losing hope.

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